Not Yet Charged?

Not Yet Charged? Do you believe you may be the subject of a criminal investigation, per-indictment services are available.

Daniel J. DeRienzo

Do not wait until you are arrested before you speak with an attorney. If you or a family member have been contacted by police for questioning or believe you may be the target of a criminal investigation, please contact the Law Office of Dan DeRienzo, PLLC by calling 928-493-1177 or click here for a consultation.

We have been very successful in getting charges dropped before they are even filed. Once a charge or charges are filed, the information will go on your criminal record as an arrest, even if the charges are subsequently dismissed. It is much better to avoid charges than to fight bogus charges once they are filed. It is often more difficult to have charges dismissed once they are filed.

We offer special rates for pre-indictment services. Our pre-indictment services means you will have an attorney working for you during the investigation stages.

You have the right to have an attorney present during any questioning by police. Please exercise this right. Often people think that they can simple go in and talk with the police investigator or detective and everything will work out. It has been my experience that if police have probable cause for an arrest, they will make an arrest. If you are wanted for questioning, anything you say, even if you believe it helps your case, can and will be used against you. Do not talk to the police until you have discussed your case with an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Police do not have to give the target of an investigation any of the facts they have discovered or any of the allegations being made. In fact, police are allowed to lie to a suspect and present false or misleading statements in order to induce a confession. You need to speak to an attorney before making any statements to police.

In addition, police use a tactic known as a confrontation call. This is when the police have a friend or family member call you on the telephone and record each and every statement you make. You need to speak with an attorney so that you can be aware of the confrontation call and prepare for it.

If charges are going to be filed we can also work directly with the charging unit at the County Attorney’s Office and provide them with exculpatory information (facts which help your case). We can also ask that you be summoned to court and this office will accept service of process so that you are not arrested at your home or place of work.

Finally, we prepare a letter which forces to prosecutor to present favorable information to the grand jury, and in certain cases ask that the grand jury allow you to present testimony, should the state decide to seek an indictment. We have been successful in presenting facts to the grand jury which convinced them not to return a true bill (ie. not file charges).

If you believe that you may be the subject of a police investigation; if an officer has left his card on your door or called for an appointment, call the Law Office of Dan DeRienzo immediately by calling 928-493-1177 or click here for a consultation.