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Prescott Valley Child Custody Attorney

Issues in a divorce that involve children are legally complex and emotionally charged. While you and your spouse may be at odds over parenting time or child support, any decisions made must be in your children’s best interests. Failing to find a compromise only exposes them to the battle you are waging with your spouse and significantly increases legal expenses.

Recognizing the sensitive nature of custody and support proceedings, Arizona divorce attorney Daniel J. DeRienzo, the founder of our law firm, helps to set reasonable expectations. He combines experience as both an attorney and as someone who has gone through the divorce process. Unlike some divorce lawyers, he will not fuel your anger or fear; he will help you and your children move on with your lives.

A Focus on the Best Interests of Children in Child Support and Parenting Time

Personalized representation and customized strategies are paramount in determining parenting time, commonly known as child custody. After your divorce, you want to be a part of your children’s lives. You want to spend quality time with them. While the ideal split between households should be even, different plans exist based on the professional and personal lives of the parents.

While statutes dictate the amount of child support the non-custodial parent pays, fact-finding may have to go beyond the income and expenses data submitted by both spouses. Self-employed professionals and business owners have the means to hide income in an effort to pay less. With a network of financial experts and a commitment to uncovering all of the facts, Mr. DeRienzo strives to locate all income so children are provided for following the finalization of your divorce.

It is important to note that the actions you take during custody proceedings could play a role in the parenting time you receive. At the Law Office of Daniel J. DeRienzo, we encourage all of our clients to act appropriately and not use their children as tools to gain leverage in heated disputes.

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