No matter what complication life has thrown at you, attorney DeRienzo can help by providing dependable and compassionate legal assistance at a reasonable price.

Preparing for Divorce

The end of a marriage presents legal complexities that often collide with emotionally charged issues. The decision to file for and proceed with a divorce is only the beginning of what may be the most difficult time of your life. Preparing for the process brings uncertainty, if not a sense of fear and dread.

When people come to the Prescott Valley Law Office of Daniel J. DeRienzo with questions, we strive to put their minds at ease and make them feel comfortable with us. They want to know what documentation is necessary.

The Need for Legal Representation in Divorce Planning and Proceedings

Divorce planning without the help of an attorney ignores both your rights and the complex process you face. While legal documents can be accessed online, mistakes can be made after filling out the paperwork. You are taking steps towards the next chapter of your life. You need legal protection that only an attorney can provide.

Providing tax records, children’s health records, retirement account information, photos and lists of assets, and other documentation will help complete the picture. However, your voice needs to be heard as well. If you want something in the divorce involving property division, custody, child support or spousal maintenance, you must speak up.

Daniel J. DeRienzo , an attorney who has also gone through a divorce, will spend time with you to identify your short- and long-term needs and goals. From there, he will devise a strategy to protect your rights and look out for the best interests of your children. Many futures are at stake, and you need an experienced attorney you can trust.

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